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gas appliance safety check

A well-cleaned and serviced Gas Heater may also help in reducing your power and gas consumption bills as this will maintain its efficient performance. Dirt can waste gas, severely hamper its operation, and even become a safety hazard. Poorly maintained heaters also emit dangerous fumes that can affect the health of your family.

You may bring your Appliance to us or we can arrange pick up

Here is what we do

Disassemble Appliance and reassemble Appliance on completion of the following checks:-

  • Gas supply hose, joints and fittings – gas leaks and wear
  • Electrical ignition – ensuring that it is not earthing against its frame
  • Pilot burner – ensuring complete combustion
  • Condition of thermocouple – ensuring it is not corroded and that its connection is secure.
  • Operation of the fan – ensuring that it functions on all settings and is not damaged in any way, or making excessive noise.
  • Using compressed air to clear the unit from all dust build up, ensuring the removal of dust from pilot burner, main burners, burner tubes and fan.

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Some statistics about Gas Appliance fires in Australia

  • In 2015, 11 house fires in NSW were caused by heaters injuring 8 people.
  • In 2018, several gas heaters were removed from sale after technical testing.
  • In the past few years, open-flue gas heaters have been responsible for several deaths across Australia .

Heaters can catch fire due to many things; one common reason is having flammable items such as couches, chairs or laundry to close to the heaters. Another reason is because the heater is dirty and not safe to use. There are hundreds of thousands of gas heaters of all types across Australia, and in Cessnock we are not immune from disasters with any type of heating. Cooler months see a 10% increase in the number of home fires, with more fires in bedrooms and lounge rooms due to heaters and other items . Just as our Fire Fighters at this time of year warn householders to clean their chimneys, we want to encourage owners of all types of Gas Heating to call us to have their Appliance cleaned and checked. Having a gas heater regularly serviced by a licensed gas fitter, should keep it safe and incredibly efficient, and is recommended that your Appliance be serviced every two to three months.

More information can be found on Fire and Rescue NSW