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Workers Compensation Certificate of Currency

Each year we renew our Workers Comp Insurance and our Certificate of renewal is available. All other staff come under our Subcontractors policies employment, these people are contracted by Rick’s Plumbing Services and required to undergo the required checks, such as Equipment checks, Insurance checks and Service references. I have a personal and accident insurance policy. It is imperative […]

Testing Backflow Prevention devices

Backflow Prevention It is a requirement by law that a annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies is undertaken to ensure proper functioning of the assemblies and the safety of our water supply. Assemblies must be tested annually by a certified backflow prevention assembly tester, the test results must be recorded on a test sheet and […]

Ensure your home is safe this Winter

A well-cleaned and serviced Gas Heater may also help in reducing your power and gas consumption bills as this will maintain its efficient performance. Dirt can waste gas, severely hamper its operation, and even become a safety hazard. Poorly maintained heaters also emit dangerous fumes that can affect the health of your family. You may […]

2016 to 2017 Public Liability Certificate of Currency

Updated 20 million public liability – Certificate-of-currency for Public Liability, Workers compensation At the time of renewal  with all Certification we email the necessary documentation to all our regular clients, at the time of their renewals. Please Email our office rick@ricksplumbing.com.au if you would like to be include on that list. Note: Workers Compensation Insurance certificate is in another […]